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Patient Notices

Patient Notices

As a patient at MLK Community Medical Group, you have certain rights and responsibilities that are included in your healthcare. To receive the best possible care, it is important that you play an active role in your medical treatment. It is the responsibility of your healthcare team to include you in that process.

To learn about your rights as a patient, please select the appropriate notice below.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Notice of Privacy Practices

Your privacy is important to us. This notice explains how we may use and share your medical information, such as:

  • your health records
  • other information about your care
  • information about your payment for care

Non-discrimination Statement, Limited English Proficiency, and
Auxiliary Aides Policy 

This notice assures you that we do not discriminate when providing healthcare. It also informs you of available services in the event that you have limited English proficiency or a disability that requires the use of additional help to improve your ability to communicate and understand your healthcare better.


Financial Disclaimer

MLK Community Medical Group does not have a financial arrangement with any other organization to advertise or market products, goods, or services.