COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update:

Let us know If you've been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 when you make your appointment to help us prepare for your visit.

Your Visit

Preparing For Your Visit

We will send you an appointment reminder by phone call or text message. When you come to see us, be sure to:

  • Write down your questions and notes before you come.
  • Bring your driver’s license or identification card.
  • Bring your health insurance card, if you have one.
  • Allow enough time to check in.

Consider asking a friend or family member to come with you. This person may help you ask questions or remember answers.

New Patient Guide

Before your first visit, you will receive our New Patient Guide to help you get started. The Guide contains information about your team, the many services we offer and instructions about how to prepare for your first visit.

Important Information

If you think you might be late, please call us at 424-529-6755. We will do everything we can to make sure you see a doctor.

If you need help getting to your appointment, please call us at 424-529-6755.


Forms To Complete

By filling these forms out and bringing them to your first visit, you can shorten your wait time. If you cannot fill them out at home, please be sure to arrive early for your appointment.

Before Your First Visit

Patient History

This important form tells the doctor about:

  • Your medical history

  • Your family’s medical history

  • Medications you are taking

  • Allergies

New Patient Registration

This short form tells us your: 

  • Contact information

  • Insurance information

Once a Year

Medicare Annual Wellness Questionnaire

If your insurance is Medicare, you must answer these questions every year. 

This form tells Medicare:

  • Your current doctors

  • Your current health conditions

You will also complete two more health screening forms when you arrive. Some patients may have other forms to complete that are required by their health insurance.

At Your Appointment

Bring all the medications (bottles) you're currently taking, including:

  • Prescription medication

  • Over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen

  • Vitamins

  • Herbal supplements

Ask questions and share your concerns. After the doctor answers your questions, repeat back what you heard in your own words. If you don't understand the doctor’s answers, ask for more information.

Before you leave, be sure you know: 

  • Which medications to take and how often

  • When you have to take tests or have a follow-up appointment

  • When and how you should expect your test results and what the results mean




Get the right care at
the right time

You’ll be able to see the doctor you need without a long wait.

Call 424-529-6755 to make an appointment.